shannon & ian are awesome.

Shannon asked me to shoot them in their cute little backyard and at a beach near their house. It was, at times, hilarious but altogether romantic. They immediately snickered whenever I explained how I would flash them and they both saw the same morbid humor buried in the leaves behind the shed.

Ian said he felt like he was in a civil war photo. Too bad I left the bayonet at home, but you can imagine…

Once everybody was comfortable, it got down right sweet. As Shannon said, “Romantic, in a slightly voyeuristic kind of way” but fun and awesome none the less.

Yet capturing them as they walked away down the beach made me sigh.

Thanks, Shannon and Ian!

3 Replies to “shannon & ian are awesome.”

  1. I know I’ve already commented on facebook… but yaaaaay again!! I love these way more than I thought I would, and sooooo excited to share them with people! They’re all so beautiful, and some of the ones on the beach are haunting (in a good way, like they haunt me with smiles…). You’re totally awesome Bobbi!

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