neither an island nor a sled… but lots of guitars

sled island is a little big festival. it’s held over a few hot days in early summer, in a tiny town known as calgary on the western end of the vast prairies. they host a wicked music festival in venues all over town, a la sxsw sans sweaty nights… but with a similar number of cowboy boots. you can see the sleds coming as far as your ear can stretch, and the days are long, loud and a wee bit hazy–like any good festival should be.


here are a couple shots from the walk over to Bronto Scorpio… which is kind of an amazing display of thrash metal, bodily fluids and roast chicken. not for the prudish and only fully appreciated if you accept that what they’re doing is genius.

(i may have missed the melvins, but i did find a parking spot.)

a quick peak at some Lesbians on Ecstasy.

i’ve seen c’mon on many occasions, being that they’re in my top five favorite bands of all time. there’s a few from a previous show here but i wasn’t aware at that time of the state of Sir Ian Blurton’s guitar. this man, and the band, destroys.

yep, that’s real red stuff. Lady Katie Lynn is real, real, too, with the best back bend north of new orleans.

july 1 offered some more suitably sweet Canadian talent, with Edmonton’s Hot Panda and Ramblin Ambassadors at the Mint Records showcase.

we took a quick trip into some garage sounds with Ty Segall.

a few more beers on a few more patios…. the white sun waned into purple dusk and it was time to hit the pharmacy.

seeing ted and his pill pushers was the main reason i went to sled. he’s worth the price of a permanent smile… at least until next year.

The Black Lips finished Day two at the best venue in town, the Legion.

some fans seriously loved the show. they’re a little kinks, a little beatles, and a lot more dirty… what’s not to love?

i had to come back to nelson to shoot a wedding, so i embarrassingly missed the melvins and big business. alas, i’ll have to put rubber to asphalt and find them myself.

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