this, too, shall pass

today was a different day than most.

not because the raspberry patch is finally drying away, or the once innumerable daisies are little more than dried yellow bunches atop brittle stalks, but because–persistent a beast she is–hindsight made me remember a couple little things. my dad hates raspberries on account of the little seeds that get stuck in his teeth, and as a farmer, these daisies are nothing more than weeds. i may not agree with my dad in his perspective, but i do get the seeds stuck in my teeth, too. and sometimes i think he likes how i capture the world.

i’m dedicating this post to my dad. weeds or seeds, pretty flowers or delicious berries.

2 Replies to “this, too, shall pass”

  1. I believe that all Dads, deep down, need their little girls to show them rays of sunshine through their cloudy days. this brought a tear to my eye and made me think of warm moments spent with my daddy-o!
    Thank you xx

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