angie, russ and a toothless grin

angie and russ were married in her parents’ backyard in ootisenchia. fruit trees, a treasured garden and handmade birdhouses made it the perfect place for a sweetly traditional ceremony.

i’d never attended a doukabour wedding before–they exchanged bread, water and salt, essentials for life, and bowed to each other and to the friends and family to show respect in their new union. it was hard for everyone to keep his or her eyes off little Taliya, who has the sweetest grin in the hemisphere.

i especially like the first kiss photo–both moms appraise the fit. and angie’s dad has wonderful lines in his face, and a great smile–just like his granddaughter, who only put up a little fuss when russ came over to angie and her family… stating his intention to marry her. pretty sweet.

angie’s dad suggested we do the photos in the backyard, and i’m always one to listen to dads–especially ones with old root cellars and huge trees. we also tripped to brilliant bridge or a few pre-ceremony shots, always a stress-free way to squeeze some fun and another location into the day.

and now for some fun ones. when angie, russ and i went through the photos, there were a few that we thought were pretty hilarious. thanks for letting me photograph your wedding, angie and russ. it was as fantastic as you!

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