puzzle pieces

on the morning of Bonnie and Boyd’s wedding, i was nervous. fingers shaking nervous. my nerves were being sheared by the weight of my feelings for this couple, and the grave fact that if i could not do their love story it’s most deserving justice, i would be a failure.

of course, this was a self-imposed gravity, because Bonnie and Boyd are so sure in themselves, their future and their love that you can’t help but know everything would be perfect. even if it wasn’t. to be part of this made me feel awesome. and very, very nervous. (but more awesome than nervous.)

both Bonnie and Boyd are the people you meet and do not forget. if you ever happen through their town, they’re the people you would stop to see, no matter the weather, no matter how long it’s been, because you’d regret it if you didn’t. and Bonnie and Boyd would always, always, be happy to see you. they’d each give you a warm hug. Boyd’s charming sincerity would warm your heart deeper than a pot of tea, and Bonnie’s gentle smile would make you want to snuggle down and tell her the little nagging problems you can’t quite conquer. she’d also make you an ice cream sandwich and Boyd would fill you in on the latest hockey facts. and you’d enjoy them both even if you were lactose intolerant and hated hockey.

they were married in the backyard of Boyd’s parents’ and long time friends’ home near Boswell, BC. Boyd’s mom did Bonnie’s hair, gracing her thick locks with a cream-colored flower in classic 1920s southern belle style. Bonnie donned a Maggie Sottoro dress called “Gatsby.” (TANGENT: i don’t think i need to point to the fact that Bonnie and Clyde had a roaring love affair.) it was puzzle pieces locking together, perfectly.

i mentioned Boyd was a hockey fanatic. he proposed to Bonnie on a skating rink in Calgary, which was closed at the time. the maintenance guy however, just happened to be there. he turned the lights on and opened the outdoor rink just for them. can you hear the pieces dropping into place yet? (the following photos by jay.)

i thought the following series captured how adorable Boyd is. and the priest was also awesome in how he oversaw the men getting ready.

Bonnie and Boyd’s rings are puzzle pieces that fit together.

Bonnie’s kids, Joel and Aidan, are very photogenic–as can be expected in being a child of Bonnie. I have a whole other series of the fun we had throughout the day, but I’ll save them for another post.

Boyd’s brother got a free shoe shine and Boyd agonizingly waited while we did a few photos near the house. (these next three by jay.)

Joel and Aidan walked Bonnie down the aisle. Bonnie and Boyd also exchanged rings with Joel and Aidan, in becoming a new family together.

if that ain’t the look of love….

and then the fun began. back in the day, Boyd was known to model professionally. and while he was nothing but natural and pretty hilarious, Bonnie definitely stole my lens’ heart.

earlier in the day, jay and i spied a white rock outcropping in nearby Mackie Provincial Park. i sometimes don’t get my hopes up in locations like this because it’s tough to climb over jagged rocks wearing hiking boots, much less an expensive, heavy and ornate wedding dress and high heels, during the time constraints of a wedding day. but i mentioned it to Bonnie and Boyd, and there was no question. we were going to the rocks. at sun down, no less.

and here i will share with you a small, yet growing, little secret: a couple weeks before the wedding, Bonnie and Boyd found out she was pregnant. horray!! ok, so it’s not a secret. there’s a baby in there! let’s shout it from a gorgeous rocky ledge overlooking a glacial lake!

the light, the location and their story couldn’t have been written more perfectly. they were patient, allowing me the time to run all over the rocks while they just stood there, being in love. i created about 25 images from this vantage point, a few of which are posted on my website and are even on my studio wall.

when the sun slipped beyond the ridge, we headed back to the hall for their first dance. yup, they had their first dance and cut the cake BEFORE dinner. Bonnie’s grandpa always had dessert first. it’s a good policy, and one i fully support.

check out Boyd turning his iPhone on me. i believe he posted the result on facebook. Bonnie made s’more packages for the favours. dee-lish! she also made the blackberry wedding cake with berries she and Aidan picked. note the aforementioned ice cream sandwiches.

i thought i’d include a couple of Boyd making us laugh.

this was the last photo i took on the rocks. it summarizes the day better than a thousand pictures, or a million words. congratulations, Bonnie and Boyd. i look forward to sharing some tea and s’mores with you, and meeting your little one, next year.

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