love is a party.

anyone who knows me is quite aware of my fondness for tequila–not the horrific rendition you get at the well, but the good stuff on the top shelf. gord and leah love a good scotch, and only the stuff on the back shelf. we were off to a good start.

gord and leah are firmly aware of their tastes and preferences, especially when it comes to photography. we were all happy to be working together, but our nearly simultaneous trips to Mt Gimli, wherein leah almost got to touch a mountain goat, solidified the fact that we saw things the same way.

when gord and leah were choosing the photos for their album, they chose the photos that told their story–the most important element of my style.

they didn’t want ‘formal’ photos per se. we simply walked around town, looking for beautiful light and great back drops. they had the good looking model part down flat.

a group of their friends found us in a back alley, so they joined us for a few shots–super fun!

i’d been eyeing this balcony for a while. one of gord’s buddies pointed it out the the deal was sealed–we had to shoot on the balcony, despite the threat of being under video surveillance.

further exploring, we came across this great yellow wall. and the completely paradoxical words written on it.

and it was off to Louie’s for a sophisticated dinner…

some top shelf indulgences…. and a few lower shelf mixes.

and my favourite one of the day….. thank you, gord and leah… it was nothing short of awesome working with you.

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