jon cohen is experimental

jon cohen contacted me via previous connections with Vue Weekly, wondering if i’d be able to interview him for his upcoming show in Edmonton. it’s his first trip across Canada, and while i couldn’t interview him for Vue, i invited him to Nelson in the hopes of having him play here. Harmony Farm obliged in setting up an intimate house show at the Fishbowl, and as always, the show made me relish Nelson’s hipster awesomeness.

with haunting stomp, Rhoneil opened a corner of the living room. her drummer was MIA, so she improvised with a belt, a sock and a shaker. the result was typically fantastic.

an example of Nelson kids' craftiness: in case you lose your shirt, make one out of a $20 bill

cohen’s got a lot going on. i don’t even know the name of all his instruments, but suffice it to say he had 10 loop pedals and watching him sync everything into a cohesive, beautiful song, gave me anxiety. he clearly knew what he was doing, however. what makes this show all the more cool is knowing the man arrived from Montreal, toting several cases of gear, on a Greyhound bus. godspeed, jon.

thanks to Margaret-Anne at the Fishbowl. you gots a cozy house, even if great apes drink your beer.

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