Rural Alberta Advantage. That is all.

Consider the feeling under your fingernails when you scratch pumpkin pulp from the bottom of the hollowed fruit. The thick flesh feels good sticking under your nails, even when it pushes the skin away from the nail bed. But it could also really hurt.

Perhaps this makes you remember when you scratched too hard and the pulp made your fingers bleed. The last time you did this summer, or something, was over. You were sitting on the front step, inhaling crisp autumn air as winter was about to smother you for another 8 months. Yet digging your hands into this pulpy, messy mush, the heart of a vibrant fruit that you watched grow in the sun’s heat, and tearing it apart as summer scrurries away…. is somehow cathartic.

The Rural Alberta Advantage sounds like that. Hooded Fang opened for the trio. It was awesome.

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