Little critters and home made cake: Kootenay Wedding Photographer

Meet Beth and Mike. When they asked me to shoot their wedding, I was rather excited. You see, they’re an exceptionally cute couple and infinitely creative. Mike is pretty adorable with those darn dimples, and Beth is hilarious and beautiful. She’s an artist and creator–and knows a thing or two about putting little critters into glass containers, wearing false teeth and taxidermy. Their wedding was incredibly fun and so unique to them. Mike’s parents hosted the lakeside outdoor party, complete with homemade iced cappuccinos and bocce ball.

Beth made her dress, and her bridesmaids had to sew her into it.

(Bottom left and top right by my assistant, Jay. This car had hydraulic shocks! Awesome!)

(Left one is Jay’s.)

Yep, yet another take on American Gothic. I think this one’s my favourite. The gas can was Beth’s idea. Who doesn’t love a girl willing to carry a jerry can in her wedding dress?!

Yes, the top left one does say “best facial hair.”

And they did the cake thing right–there was about 6 of those delectable things, homemade by one of Beth’s lifetime friends, whose wedding I’ll post in a couple weeks!

Post-cake extravaganza, after Beth wiped it off her neck and Mike off his chin, they brought out the moustaches. The following montage was Jay’s brilliant idea.

Beth and Mike, thank you for bringing more than your share of smiles into the world. Such an honour to capture your wedding day!

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