Don’t forget the nanaimo bars

The day Michelle and Richard were married, it was so hot my black cloth shoes faded several shades. But we found the super blue Columbia river, and everyone was keen to dip their toes in the cold. It made for some wonderfully candid smiles and a totally relaxed photo session. Sister Sue made good on the nanaimo bars that Michelle noted in the do-not-forget list, and Richard definitely did not forget the beer cooler–even though it wasn’t on the list. What a totally refreshing start to their lives together. See Michelle and Richard’s e-session, with their blue eyed baby Daniel here.)

These are Michelle’s parents. She is from Mexico, and he is from Italy. I love the lines on his face in contrast to the smoothness of hers in the next photo. And of course, Michelle looking for mom’s approval in the next one! Don’t we all look at our moms like that? I know I do if I think I’m wearing somethin’ pretty!



Congratulations, Michelle, Richard and Daniel! I wish you all the very best!

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