Nelson BC Pet Photographer

Ok, so I mentioned in my last post that I have a dog named Harlan. We got him as a pup in April, but he’s a teenager now. I was a bit hesitant to bring a dog into the house, but Jay sent me a photo of the little dude, looking like a relative of Sprocket from Fraggle Rock (Go ahead, I’ll wait while you google him….) and really, there was no point in saying no.

Harlan’s particularly fun whenever a ball or stick is involved. So here are a couple of him, waiting for and playing with said ball. It was never in my plan to be come a pet photographer, but this may be my next calling… especially if your dog happens to resemble a Muppet.

Follow me on Instagram or Twitter–my handle is 3owls for both–if you happen to love dudes like this.

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