Crank it!!! (to 6) Concert Series: Babysitter w/ Tar Holes

my favourite album of 2013 came from these guys, babysitter. i’ll let you go ahead an listen to ’em. then you can come back at look at their wicked show from the basement of kootenay coop radio. brought to you by the crank it to 6 boys.

3 Replies to “Crank it!!! (to 6) Concert Series: Babysitter w/ Tar Holes”

  1. You are an amazing photographer! Love seeing all your pics. You took the pictures for my son and daughter in law’s wedding on December 15, 2012. Wonderful photos. I heard one of their pics was on a brochure for Nelson. Do you know where I could get one? Courtney would love it for her album. And any other publications they may be in. Thanks, Carol Muller

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