Sled Island 2015: Personal Favorites

I had the good fortune of seeing and shooting some of my favourite bands for the Sled Island festival in Calgary this year. It was four bleary 16 hour days of ringing ears, sweaty everythings and stoked inspiration.

You can see some of my other work, as well as some awesome stuff from the whole photography crew from each day of the festival, here. The Editor’s Choice album is a great summary of just how rad this festival is.

Below are some my own favourite shots from the weekend, many of which are not on the Sled Island Flickr page. I hope you like!

Astral Swans at the PalominoBB_astralswans_Sled2015-188 BB_astralswans_Sled2015-200 Some awesome audience peeps…BB_audience_Sled2015-119 BB_audience_Sled2015-200 BB_audience_Sled2015-203 BB_audience_Sled2015-221 BB_audience_Sled2015-229 BB_audience_Sled2015-231 BB_audience_Sled2015-275 BB_audience_Sled2015-482 BB_audience_Sled2015-509 BB_audience_Sled2015-523 BB_audience_Sled2015-529 BB_audience_Sled2015-530 BB_audience_Sled2015-532 BB_audience_Sled2015-1094 BB_audience_Sled2015-1115 The Betrayers, Bog Bodies and Obnox at the PalominoBB_betrayers_Sled2015-205 BB_betrayers_Sled2015-209 BB_bogbodies_Sled2015-146 BB_bogbodies_Sled2015-167My surprise favourite show… Brass at Dicken’s PubBB_brass_Sled2015-209 BB_brass_Sled2015-230 BB_brass_Sled2015-232 BB_brass_Sled2015-238 BB_brass_Sled2015-241 BB_brass_Sled2015-251 BB_brass_Sled2015-256 BB_brass_Sled2015-260 BB_brass_Sled2015-269 The incredible Carla Bozulich at Central United ChurchBB_carlabozulich_Sled2015-233 BB_carlabozulich_Sled2015-1009 Cult Babies at the PalominoBB_cultbabies_Sled2015-122 Empty Heads at Dicken’s PubBB_emptyheads_Sled2015-278 BB_emptyheads_Sled2015-282 BB_emptyheads_Sled2015-285 BB_emptyheads_Sled2015-287 BB_emptyheads_Sled2015-301 ExHex at RepublikBB_exhex_Sled2015-542 BB_exhex_Sled2015-543 BB_exhex_Sled2015-548 BB_exhex_Sled2015-556 BB_exhex_Sled2015-565 BB_exhex_Sled2015-616 BB_exhex_Sled2015-621 Fu Manchu at the PalominoBB_fumanchu_Sled2015-1165 BB_fumanchu_Sled2015-1168 BB_fumanchu_Sled2015-1170 BB_fumanchu_Sled2015-1176 BB_fumanchu_Sled2015-1187 BB_fumanchu_Sled2015-1188 BB_fumanchu_Sled2015-1192 BB_fumanchu_Sled2015-1210 Ghostkeeper at the LegionBB_ghostkeeper_Sled2015-023 Godspeed You Black Emperor at Central United ChurchBB_godspeed_Sled2015-1020 Guantanamo Baywatch at the PalominoBB_guantanamobaywatch_Sled2015-177 BB_guantanamobaywatch_Sled2015-179 BB_guantanamobaywatch_Sled2015-183The totally wicked Kappa Chow at Local 510BB_kappachow_Sled2015-109 BB_kappachow_Sled2015-112 Meat Wave at RepublikBB_meatwave_Sled2015-490 BB_meatwave_Sled2015-492 BB_meatwave_Sled2015-496 BB_meatwave_Sled2015-498 Melted Mirror at the PalominoBB_meltedmirror_Sled2015-139 BB_meltedmirror_Sled2015-143Blow your mind and a hole in your pants, Pissed Jeans at Dicken’s PubBB_pissedjeans_Sled2015-336 BB_pissedjeans_Sled2015-341 BB_pissedjeans_Sled2015-342 BB_pissedjeans_Sled2015-350 BB_pissedjeans_Sled2015-358 BB_pissedjeans_Sled2015-360 BB_pissedjeans_Sled2015-363 BB_pissedjeans_Sled2015-374 BB_pissedjeans_Sled2015-378 BB_pissedjeans_Sled2015-387 BB_pissedjeans_Sled2015-406 BB_pissedjeans_Sled2015-415 BB_pissedjeans_Sled2015-420 BB_pissedjeans_Sled2015-428 BB_pissedjeans_Sled2015-436 Renny Wilson Punk Explosion at RepublikBB_rennywilson_Sled2015-437 BB_rennywilson_Sled2015-440 Moss Lime and Homebody at Republik BB_rennywilson_Sled2015-466 BB_rennywilson_Sled2015-468 BB_rennywilson_Sled2015-470 BB_republik_Sled2015-476 BB_republik_Sled2015-478 BB_republik_Sled2015-479 BB_republik_Sled2015-480Punk sweethearts, Slates at Dicken’s PubBB_slates_Sled2015-304 BB_slates_Sled2015-307Oh how much do I love Slow Learners at Sloth RecordsBB_slowlearners_Sled2015-001 BB_slowlearners_Sled2015-051 Softess at the LegionBB_softess_Sled2015-029 BB_softess_Sled2015-032 Switches at PalominoBB_switches_Sled2015-214 The Ex at the LegionBB_theex_Sled2015-044 BB_theex_Sled2015-049 BB_theex_Sled2015-051 BB_theex_Sled2015-062 BB_theex_Sled2015-068And last, but certainly not least, Vampires at the PalominoBB_vampires_Sled2015-1072 BB_vampires_Sled2015-1073 BB_vampires_Sled2015-1088

Adieu, Sled Island. Until next year. BB_venue_Sled2015-132

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