Nelson BC Wedding Photographer: Surprise Engagement!

Edgar called me from Spokane WA, looking for a wedding photographer to photograph him and his girlfriend, Sophie, as he asked her to marry him. Sophie knew nothing of what was going on… she thought they were just on a little weekend trip to Nelson because they’d both always wanted to go there. Edgar had prepared everything for this trip, and kept it completely secret–only her dad knew because Edgar had gone to her dad to ask for permission to ask Sophie to marry him.

Edgar and I hatched a plan to keep her unsuspecting. They would go for a walk in the park before dinner, and I would be there, doing some night photography. Edgar would nonchalantly strike up a conversation, and I would offer to photograph them.

As I waited for them to walk down the path at Lakeside Park, I must admit–my knees were shaking! It was dark and raining a bit, so the lighting would be difficult, but even more nerve-wracking was keeping Sophie unaware of what was about to happen.

As they strolled past me, Edgar started chatting with me. I said the code word… and it went like this..




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