Kootenay Wedding Photographer: Revelstoke Wedding Engagement Photography

www.blog.bobbibarbarich.caWhen Kristy told me Alec proposed to her with a puppy, I knew I was destined to be their wedding photographer. Fur families are delightful, and I was absolutely gleeful when they asked me to join them for their Revelstoke wedding. Finn, the black one, is the engagement dog–full of energy and ready for anything. Fraser is the handsome blonde. He’s regal, sensitive and smart. A perfect sibling mix, for a super sweet couple. www.blog.bobbibarbarich.cawww.blog.bobbibarbarich.cawww.blog.bobbibarbarich.cawww.blog.bobbibarbarich.cawww.blog.bobbibarbarich.cawww.blog.bobbibarbarich.cawww.blog.bobbibarbarich.cawww.blog.bobbibarbarich.cawww.blog.bobbibarbarich.cawww.blog.bobbibarbarich.cawww.blog.bobbibarbarich.cawww.blog.bobbibarbarich.cawww.blog.bobbibarbarich.ca

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