A Day in the Life of the Horkoffs

Day in the Life family photography. It documents the tiny moments and little things that make your family you. It’s real life, unscripted photography that truly describes who you are and what your enjoy.

During your Day in the Life session, I will spend the whole day with you. I arrive just before the kids wake up, and I leave just after they go to bed. In between, you will do whatever you normally do. Sometimes people choose to do this on a special occasion when family is in town, or they’re on vacation. But it’s just as special when it’s just your daily life. Because it’s daily life that forms the bonds and relationships you share and that are unique to your family.

I truly believe there is nothing more beautiful or more interesting than real people doing what they normally do, or enjoying the things they love. People are more captivating when they’re being themselves rather than when a photographer tells them to do something.

I also want you to remember the moment you were doing or feeling something. I do not want to you to look at a photograph and think of the time that photographer told you to look at the camera. Day in the Life photography is not about the camera. It’s about you and a camera happens to be there.

Book your Nelson BC Day in the Life Family Photography session

While I am based in Nelson BC, I’m happy to travel wherever your family is, or meet you in the middle. You can contact me through my website and we can talk about how a Day in the Life session would work for your family. I’m excited you’re considering photographing your family in a natural, meaningful way. Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Kids fight at breakfastDaughter and mom in morning lightMom helps son finish breakfastson copies dad mowing lawnBoy fiddles with gateGirl's dirty faceMom tends kid and answers phoneFamily walks to beach in Nelson BCFamily plays at beach in Nelson BCGirl's bum and dog's bumGirl sits on pavement after falling off bikeGirl laughs with friends at Oso Negro in Nelson BC day in the life photographyMom carries daughter during meltdownMom has moment of quiet with sonDog hopes for foodDaughter mad at dad working outDaughter and dog play outsideDaughter talks with mom in adirondack chairsGirl falls off slide in Nelson BC Family photographyGirl giggles with mom in Nelson BC Family PhotographyBoy and dad play with balloonKids cry in back seat with dadSon feeds son ice creamKid with ice cream on faceSon and dad watch runnersDad pushes kids on swingSon runs away from dadGirl climbs slideGirl carries beer cansSon reaches for beer cansDog hopes for foodSon steals food before dinnerDog wants food from outside dinner windowGirl yawns at table during nelson bc family photographyGirl protests eating lettuce in nelson bc day in the life family photographyBath time with dadDad towels off sonKids get wild before bedtime during nelson bc day in the life family photographyDad reads to kids as they fight in bedDog sits patiently in tent.

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