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Engagement photography sessions are a valuable element in your wedding journey. Most people have never had professional photography before. Most people are worried they’re going to feel awkward during their wedding photos. So I include engagement photography or “connection sessions” with all my wedding photography packages to help you get comfortable.

Wedding days are already a wholly unfamiliar experience. Your wedding photography shouldn’t add to that. With a connection session, we spend time getting to know one another. You will cuddle and run around for a bit, and in the end, you see that your engagement photography is fun and you look great! And you can be confident everything is going to be great on your wedding day.

What to Expect from Engagement Photography

Connection sessions last about sixty minutes. I like to go somewhere that we won’t for your wedding photos. You can bring more than one outfit but being comfortable is key. Choose clothes that you love wearing. Matching doesn’t matter but colours that pop look great.The photos in this blog show the photo variety we will make. Some are close, some are far, some are about landscape. Some photos will be in colour, and some will be in black and white. There will be lots to choose from! Here are more examples of engagement photography on my blog.

Luke and Lara were a bit worried about their engagement photography session. But they nailed it! The secret is to embrace the awkward and just be yourselves. We will do a few photos to warm up and get you moving around. You’ll hug and snuggle and laugh and eventually forget how those uneasy feelings.

I have a couple of fall wedding dates open for 2019, so if you’re getting married then, let’s connect! ¬†Go to my contact page to see if I’m available to be your wedding photographer!


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