Engagement Photography – Amanda and Jesse

Engaged couple in fall coloursAmanda and Jesse were looking for engagement photography to help make their wedding photos feel more comfortable. For some people, having their photo taken is really exciting, but for lots of people, there’s worry that they will look awkward or it won’t be fun. It’s common to feel a bit of nervousness about your wedding photography. It’s rare that we have photos taken just of us!

I prefer to call engagement sessions connection sessions. Connection is the purpose! As your photographer, I want to see how you two connect. It helps me to understand what’s natural for you, and what might not work for your wedding photography. Connection sessions also give you the chance to feel what it’s like to have me giving you direction. It also gives you a peek at what your wedding photos might look like!

Engagement photography is invaluable. Once you’ve “practiced” some of the poses we might do for your wedding day, your actual wedding day portraits are a breeze. Even more important, knowing what’s coming can make your wedding photography fun and romantic.

My style is candid and natural, but that doesn’t just happen. All of my couples look relaxed in my wedding photography because we’ve already spent several hours together during meetings, their engagement photography and during their wedding. I want to feel like a guest with a camera rather than a stranger taking photos of you. Connections sessions make those honest, candid and real moments happen!

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While I still have a few fall dates open for 2019, 2020 is booking pretty quickly. We’ll want to do your engagement photography for 2020 this fall. And if you’re getting married in 2019, these colours are what we have to look forward to! You can contact me through my website here. I’m excited to work with you!

Woman snuggles fiancé for engagement photo Couple laughs during engagement session Couple holds hands during engagement session Colourful fall trees during engagement session