Fur Family Photographer: The Morleys

A family portrait with three dogs.Families exist in all sorts of combinations! Being a family photographer means I get to document all the beauty, fun and chaos in that diversity. I met Victoria and Phil just as they were starting their lives together. Recently, they welcomed a couple new furiends into their hearts. I got to meet them when Victoria needed a fur family photographer. Their family now involves multiple combinations of four legs and fluff!

Meet Ajax, Taiga and Luna. Luna is the mature and vastly more sophisticated pup in the crew. She’s been with Phil for nearly 15 years! Their relationship makes my heart ache. The bond between humans and dogs is so incredibly special. To have the good fortune of a sweet doggo by your side for that long is truly a blessing. Luna has been the only fur child for her entire life. I imagine it was a little… challenging… for her to accept the twins.

Ajax and Taiga are typical, wonderful pups. Energetic, floppy, silly and dying for cuddles, they each cling to Phil and Victoria, but reserve a special awe around Luna. She does her best to accommodate their affection, but it’s not long before she’s had enough. Victoria and Phil then occupy the pups, and Luna can return to basking in the maturity and reverence that comes with being the elder doggo.

When I’m asked to be a fur family photographer, it’s quite similar to photographing humans. We all have specific personalities that other people (and dogs) bring out in us. For these three, I worked to capture the twins’ youthful exuberance, how excited Victoria and Phil were to have them, as well as Luna’s navigation of their energy. Most important however, was how Phil returned with attention for Luna when the pups got too much. Photographing their lifelong bond is an honour. And I know Phil and Victoria will forever treasure these images when Luna is ready for her next adventure.

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