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Parents with new baby in Nelson BC hospital

There is nothing more normal or more beautiful than birth. Prior to becoming a Nelson BC birth photographer, I had never considered how little we get to see this incredible transformation, from part of mom to its own breathing self. Despite the fact that every single one of us has experienced at least one birth, very few of us get to experience it as conscious people. If you’ve had a baby or two, you know. Yet I believe we ALL should know.

I believe that if we saw more images of birth, we might have a little more compassion for one another. We might understand how important it is to love each other, and to have empathy for each other. Because we’ve all been through this. And we all understand, on some level, that this is us at our most human. At our most vulnerable. And definitely at our most natural and powerful. Every time I witness a birth, I am in absolute awe of the biological and psychological connection that unfolds between every one in the room.

I’m not saying it goes perfectly. It’s scary and painful and bloody. It can be lonely and terrifying. But wow. Watching the tiny human go from a squished little morsel to a stretching, yawning, eating person is nothing short of fascinating. It’s grounding and overwhelming. And it’s incredibly amazing to think that birth photography can give your child, or any kid who gets to see these photos, a sense of where it all began and who their parents were before they came along.

Nelson BC Birth Photographer

Since birth is highly unpredictable, I have several packages to accommodate potential scenarios. My packages are designed to give you control and help you feel comfortable sharing this intimate time with me. I’m a registered member of Canadian Birth Photographers and I’ve photographed several births. And if you’re giving birth in Nelson BC, I’m only a couple blocks from the hospital. How convenient is that?

I honestly feel Nelson BC Birth Photography is a calling for me. I haven’t personally been given access to this aspect of life, so I feel ever more drawn to being able to document birth for you and your loved ones. I come from a place of respect and curiosity and genuine wonder. And I hope that through my photography, I am able to reflect for you how precious and special this period is in your child’s life.

Mom laughs with dad between contractions
Dad and mom wait for next contraction

Doctor and nurse help mom in delivery at Kootenay lake Hospital

Baby is born in kootenay lake hospital, nelson bc

Brand new baby meets mom

Dad smiles at mom who just gave birth

mom and dad hold hands as new baby is weighed

mom looks on as baby is weighed

dad holds baby for the first time

mom and dad hold new baby

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