Lakeside Park Family Photos


nelson bc family lifestyle photographer at lakeside parkThe term Nelson BC Family Lifestyle Photographer conveys how I like to photograph families with younger kids, especially babies. My Adventure and Quick and Dirty packages are great when the kids are mobile and active with each other and their parents. But with babies, we have to be a little closer to the camera because they’re so little! Lakeside park family photos have a little something for all ages.

Lifestyle photography conveys some of what you value. For Mary’s family, this is being outside, enjoying Nelson BC parks and precious time with grandparents. Grandparents were visiting from across the country, so they don’t get to see the little ones very often. Another perfect reason for family photos—rare events when the whole family is together!

We had a gorgeous spring day at Lakeside Park. Everyone was in good spirits and grandparents were clearly smitten with their two little granddaughters.

Lakeside Park Family Photos

Family photos are an investment in your family’s history. As a lifestyle photographer, I try to convey your personalities rather than just your faces. I believe photos should be less about the photos, and more about the family. I mostly avoid sit and smile situations because this makes you focus on me rather than each other. While we do a couple of typical portraits, my clients tend toward the images where they’ve forgotten about the camera and are focused on each other.

For this session, we made sure baby was happily fed, and we let her interact with her older sister, who loved playing with her parents and grandparents.

I currently have a Mother’s Day promotion for all of my packages, including Nelson BC family lifestyle photographer sessions. All of them are 20% off! Contact me through my webpage. I look forward to documenting your family’s love for each other.
nelson bc family lifestyle photographer at lakeside park with grandpa nelson bc family lifestyle photographer at lakeside park with mom and new baby nelson bc family lifestyle photographer on swings in the park girl pushes dad on the swings dad cuddles his girls on the swings family snuggles at lakeside park nelson bc family lifestyle photographer at lakeside park with grandparents grandpa snuggles his granddaughter grandparents snuggle their grandkids nelson bc family lifestyle photographer at lakeside park with dog

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