couple running in grass against cloudy skyI AM THRILLED. I’ve just completed a major overhaul of my photography website! I share a lot more of my personal self in this version. TBH, it’s terrifying.

I’m worried no one gives a shit. But if I want clients to share that with me, I’ve got to share it with them! And at the end of their photographer-finding journey, if they don’t give a shit… well, they won’t be hiring me. And I want people to WANT to hire me.

My old site was clumsy and oversimplified. It didn’t have any options for text, and I really wanted to be able to “talk” to my clients. I wanted to tell you about who I am because I feel that if you’re hiring me to photograph your memories, I want you to be able to connect with and to trust me.

My goal with the new website is to help you to see not only how I see, but also to help you understand what motivates me to want to work with you. To understand why I’m driven to do this.

And it is a drive. Being a photographer is really important to me. When I come home from a session I am continually enlightened by how much we are the same, and also by what defines us as individuals–which is fascinating! We are each so interesting!!

Working with people broadens our minds. Photographing you living your life helps me to understand and to believe that we are all part of the same puzzle, that we’re in this together, no matter who we are.

I want to share this inspiration with clients who also believe in photography’s importance. And having a killer website at least gives people who don’t believe it, the opportunity to consider that it could be important.

Thanks for following along. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Oh, and this is our favourite photo, by Jeff Newsom, from our wedding. xoxo

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