Business Refresh!

For much of 2019, I reflected on and analyzed my business. I’ve been a professional photographer in Nelson BC for a decade, photographing hundreds of weddings, families and businesses. 2020 seems a good time to figure out whether I’m going in the direction I want to be, and whether how I present myself tells you who I am.

When I first started, I felt there was a distinct difference between weddings, family and business photography. I tended to photograph them differently, and to present myself more as a wedding photographer than as anything else. I felt a studio name made me approachable, and was easier to pronounce than my historically challenging name of Barbarich (note: it’s pronounced exactly how it’s spelled).

However, with more experience and observation, a common thread kept presenting itself: human stories. Weddings, families and businesses are all made of people. Each person is unique. But we each connect with one another through our stories, and my job is to tell your story with honesty and integrity.

So rather than saying I’m specifically a wedding, family or business photographer, I now say I am a documentary photographer. I document human stories. I photograph humans as they vow to make each other better people for the rest of their lives, I photograph kids and parents forming their bonds and revealing their personalities, I photograph people who own businesses as they connect with their clients.

Essentially, having a studio name made me a business instead of a person. I want you to hire me because you appreciate how I tell stories, no matter the setting.

Because I am the person who documents your story, not a business from which you’re buying photos.

You’re asking me to capture some element of your life, and it only makes sense that I tell you who I am and connect with you as a person, rather than a commodity.

So this is me, Bobbi Barbarich. I’m a documentary photographer. I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to learn about you and who and what you love.



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