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Thank you for considering Three Owls Studio!

This blog previews the people and life adventures I shoot–whether that adventure is an awesome love story or a tale about careening down a mountain… which can sometimes feel pretty similar!

My approach in all aspects–wedding photography, family photography, music photography–is candid and unconventional. I document the natural interactions you have with your loved ones and your environment.

I am an award-winning professional photographer and writer living in Nelson BC, but I’m happy to go pretty much anywhere an adventure will take me. To see my portfolio and to contact me, please visit my website.

I’ve trained extensively with award winning photographers Patrice Halley and Buffy Goodman, as well as past Canadian Geographic editor and author Dan Rubinstein – who’s won his own share of awards, too. I was short listed for the 2012 and 2014 Bride Canada Wedding Photo of the Year and have earned multiple Fearless Photographers awards and honourable mentions. I’m also a proud member of these international, curated photojournalism groups:


6 thoughts on “about & contact

  1. you’re good! i know most of the people in your shots, and lived in the area for a along time. youve captured them – and it – beautifully. great, amazing work! the photos have a certain quality to them, the tone, the colour. How do you get that look to them?

    • thank you so much, isabella! the tone in my work is partly a result of the relationship we build during the shoot and what i feel speaks to their relationship. the other part is some painstaking editing… which will remain secret ; 0

  2. Wow, Bobbi, I just looked through your pictures in your blog. They tell so much and are so interesting. so very proud of your successful work!!!

  3. Hi Bobbi, was just browsing your website! It is so awesome, it’s amazing the work you are doing. I was flipping through some old photo albums the other day and saw pictures of Shelly’s wedding shower and you were showing off your new tatoos! Hope you are doing well!

  4. Wow!!! Your photos are amazing ….what does it take to book you for family photos…I’ve never gotten any done and would LOVE you to capture my family.

    Squeeze Loueeze (Bloodshed Betties)

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